Highland Lakes Flood Information


The Highland Lakes watershed experienced historic flooding in October. With full lakes and saturated soil throughout the Highland Lakes watershed, the possibility of flooding from additional rainfall remains high.

-- Inks Lake will re-open to the public at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 3.
-- Lake Buchanan is open to public use, but lakes LBJ, Marble Falls and Travis will remain closed until at least Tuesday, Nov. 6, because of debris and unsafe conditions caused by the recent flooding. LCRA will reevaluate conditions on Tuesday. Property owners are allowed on the closed lakes during this time for the limited purpose of recovering or securing damaged property from the recent flood, if the property location is known. Boating on the lakes remains dangerous, and time on the lakes recovering property should be minimized. Submerged hazards may be difficult to see, especially at night.
-- Flood operations continue at Mansfield and Tom Miller dams. For current operations at each dam, see LCRA's Flood Operations Report.
-- LCRA closed the first of four open floodgates at Mansfield Dam Thursday morning. Under current conditions, LCRA expects to close the remaining three floodgates one at a time over the next few days, until all floodgates are closed on or about Wednesday, Nov. 7. This plan could be modified if the basin receives additional significant rainfall.
-- Floodgates at Tom Miller Dam will be closed as the floodgates upstream at Mansfield Dam close.